Essentials Hoodie

As a fan of Essentials Hoodie, you know its quality clothing. Perfectly comfortable and stylish, the hoodie can be worn casually with jeans or sweats or dressed in leggings and heels. It’s also perfect for staying warm without wearing a coat. This season, find the perfect hoodie for your style in the Essentials clothing official store. Our picks are for this season’s best Fear of God Essentials collection.

Who is Essentials clothing made by?

As part of his Fear of God brand, Jerry Lorenzo launched ESSENTIALS, a “competitive sister brand” to Fear of God designed to provide wearers with quality products at great prices. This was a subsidiary of his leading brand, Fear of God. Many celebrities have worn Kanye West’s Label Essentials, including Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Virgil Abloh, and other designers.

What’s the difference between Fear of God and Essentials?

What’s the difference between Fear of God and Essentials? Fear of God is the original luxury/runway brand founded in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo, and it was the first of its kind in the industry. Lorenzo founded the Fear of God brand after he operated it for several years and then established Essentials as a sister brand to provide more accessible apparel that still featured the Fear of God aesthetic.

The Fear Of God Mixes Luxury And Streetwear

Indeed, Fear of God is mainly a streetwear brand but also a luxury brand. Undoubtedly, if a luxury brand is not expensive, it is betraying its nature as a luxury brand. Luxury streetwear is also going through a renaissance, and Fear of God is offering a product line that fits a niche market, making it stand out from more established brands like Adidas and Nike. As a result of Fear of God’s unique position in the fashion industry, the company must place heftier price tags on its apparel to maintain its brand’s integrity.

Fear of God vs Fear of God Essentials

In 2015, Fear of God was already on its way to become one of the most coveted streetwear brands and a household name. Entrepreneur Lorenzo partnered with PacSun to create a more affordable line called F.O.G. According to Lorenzo, more of his family members shop at PacSun than at Barneys, so I wanted to be where his cousins could go see him. Despite continuing to sell F.O.G. for a few years, Lorenzo decided in 2018 to replace the brand with Essentials.

Essentials are a company that specializes in producing collections of simple or muted pieces suitable for all types of homes. As far as F.O.G. is concerned, it is a more affordable version of Fear of God, whereas Essentials is what Lorenzo hoped to create to segment his creations correctly. There is no doubt that Essentials has grown steadily since its launch, and as streetwear fans can attest, it’s one of the best ways for them to get their hands on pieces by Lorenzo.

Fear of God Collaborations

There has been an extensive collaboration between Fear of God and many individuals and brands over the years, just as we’ve seen with most streetwear brands. Throughout history, Fear of God has been bold with its collaborations, whether it is Nike, Converse, Vans, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and many others.

Our favourite collection so far was our collaboration with Union LA to mark the retailer’s 30th anniversary. In partnership with Essentials, Lorenzo came up with a series of sublime pieces, including tie-dye hoodies and tees and multiple muted tees, joggers, shorts, and caps. Lorenzo has put out one of the more flashy collections under the Essentials brand, but it’s one that fans love the most.

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